Q: Why don't you publish your Photo Booth prices?
A: We offer package discounts for multiple rental services. The more items you rent from us, the better deal we can give you on each one. Leaving out individual item prices prevents visitors from adding them all up and having the wrong idea of what their discounted bundled package could actually cost. For rates, call us at 678-951-0044, or write us here about what you're interested in, and we'll contact you promptly with a great deal!

Q: Is there an extra delivery or setup charge for a Photo Booth?
A: No. Delivery and setup, within our service area, is included as part of the quoted rental rate. We will occasionally travel outside of our service area for larger rentals, and an additional delivery fee might be necessary depending on distance. Providing services beyond our local area will be decided on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I pick up the photo booth, rather than having it delivered?
A. No. Our photo booths are over 400 pounds, extremely expensive, and very complex. Our professionals deliver, setup, and operate all of our photo booths.

Q: Can we have our photo booth outdoors?
A: Absolutely. All that is required is a flat, level, dry surface. If necessary, under certain weather conditions, we may need to cover the booth with a canopy. Property with hilly landscapes must be driven over with our vehicles in order to unload our photo booths at flat locations. Property must be cleared of rocks and any other debris ahead of time for photo booth delivery. We cannot roll our photo booths over gravel or uneven ground.

Q: Do I have to rent a booth for 4 hours, or can I rent it for less time?
A: Yes, you can rent our booths for only 3 hours if you'd like. However, regardless of the amount of hours it is used, the same delivery, setup, and takedown time is required. Therefore, we do not recommend renting a booth for 2 hours or less as it would cost close to what it costs for 3 hours. The 4 hour rental is the best value.

Q: Can we keep the booth longer than 4 hours if we need to?
A: Yes, as long as we do not need the booth for another scheduled event, you can rent the photo booth for an additional $95 per hour. We will not, under any circumstances, leave the booth anywhere overnight, or unattended.

Q: If I need our photo booth setup early, will I be charged for the idle time before it opens?
A: No. We will make every effort to setup your booth as far ahead of time as possible to avoid disrupting your event and inconveniencing your guests, and you'll only be charged for the time the booth is actually running. However, please let us know, IN WRITING on your Event Agreement, when you need your photo booth setup so that we can schedule around other events and meet your needs (verbal notices can lead to misunderstandings). We service multiple events per day and must coordnate them accordingly. We cannot guarantee early deliveries and setups with too short of notice or last minute time changes.

Q: We will not be using the booth during dinner hour. Can we have the photo booth temporarily down during this time without being charged?
A: Our attendant must be present, and compensated, during his or her time spent at your event. Therefore, the normal rental period lasts from the time the booth first opens, until it is taken down. However, if you have any unusual circumstances that require this sort of request, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to discuss any possible solutions to accommodate you.

Q: Can I order duplicate photo strips?
A: Both the Gold and Platinum VIP Photo Booth packages include a Photo DVD containing all of the photos and video taken during your rental (the Silver Photo Booth package includes a Photo CD containing all of the photos taken). They can be printed, emailed, or shared. In addition, each photo strip from the VIP Booths have a unique code at the bottom so you can access your photos and video online for sharing on your favorite social networking sites.

Q: What is the Photo Guest Book?
A: The Photo Guest Book is a photo album and an additional service. Our attendant will collect each duplicate photo from your guests, and assemble them into the guest book during the entire rental, while providing space for your guests to comment and sign. After each page is complete, the attendant inserts it behind a clear, protective layer. At the end of the rental time, the completed book is then given to the party who rented the booth.

Q: Why couldn't I just rent the Photo Booth alone, and buy my own Photo Guest Book?
A: You can. However, because our Photo Guest Book option is a service, and requires additional labor and attention from our attendant, especially when there are large crowds surrounding the booth, we only tend to our own Photo Guest Books included with our Photo Booth packages. Therefore, if you're supplying your own guest book, we recommend that you appoint someone to be in charge of it, and to provide any necessary supplies for your guests to assure that the book will be completed to your satisfaction. If you'd like your own purchased photo guest book to be handled by us, we would be happy to do so for an additional $20 per hour charge.

Q: How do we go about getting our Custom Photo Strip artwork?
A: When you are ready to reserve your photo booth on the Reserve Your Date page, simply select from the Custom Graphic choices before submitting. Our graphics department can design a great-looking and professional-quality photo strip header for you or your organization. However, since this is included at no cost, we cannot spend hours upon hours re-designing and re-proofing several variations of a design. Therefore, if you'd prefer something specific, other than our design, please feel free to submit something to us. Please read our Photo Booth Rentals page for more information about how to go about choosing a custom photo strip graphic.

Q: Can we move the photo booth up or down stairways?
A: No. The photo booth must be delivered and setup in an area that does not require many steps. The photo booths weigh over 400 lbs and cannot be moved easily up and down stairways. If a booth is dropped, it could result in an injury, not to mention hundreds of dollars in repairs. We do have small ramps for rolling the photo booths up and down small doorway steps and entryways. Also, we can sometimes unload a booth from our vehicle when backed up against certain porches, decks, or other non-ground level structures, whenever possible, as long as they are determined by us to be sturdy enough, and accessible enough. We reserve the right to refuse placing our photo booths in unsafe and/or problematic locations.

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